setembro 16, 2005

gay oppression

"our national gay institutions--like the Human Rights Campaign and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force--as a general rule pay so little attention to events touching gay people outside our borders that they have little experience or background in evaluating, reporting on, or mobilizing around such issues. And the commercial gay press, which devotes endless, ad-revenue-generating pages to gay tourism, rarely pauses to examine the political, social, and cultural contexts in which gay people in other countries live out their daily lives. Nor does our gay press generally have a perspective that situates gay oppression within the broader context of the challenge to human rights, or engage with human rights issues that are not specifically gay. This lack of sophistication in dealing with the problems of same-sexers in foreign cultures is particularly noticeable when dealing with a closed society like Iran. In the Iranian police state, where the religious authorities and their political police enforce strict controls on freedoms of thought and expression, it is difficult even for national and international news organizations with large budgets and experienced reporters at their disposal to always distinguish what is false from what is true. Add to this paradigm the institutional and individual homophobia that characterize such news organizations and many of their staffers, and the problems of covering gay news in particular are magnified, as often the will to do so is lacking". Doug Ireland: The Controversy Over The Iranian "Gay" Hangings. Z net Link relacionado

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